В ресторані. Діалог на англійській мові

В ресторані. Діалог на англійській мові
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Dialog 1

– Waiter! Will you show us the menu-card?
– Here you are, sir. And this is the wine list.
– Well, you may remove it as we are not going to take any drink. We are driving. We mean to have a snack and that’s all. Have you got lobsters?
– I’m sorry, sir, but they are not on the menu.
– And what about salmon?
– No, sorry. We have not.
– What a nuisance! Well, what is that famous food you treat your customers to?
– Chicken broth is our speciality, sir.

Dialog 2

– Is your restaurant licensed to serve hard drinks?
– Certainly, sir. And we have a wide choice of them, too. At present there isn’t a better restaurant than this one.
– Very well. I’d like to have dinner. What would you recommend for the first course?
– I think there is chicken soup which is, incidentally, our cook’s favourite job.
– Indeed? And choosing a grill, what will you suggest?
– Oh, sir: if you order roast saddle of mutton, you make a fine choice. And what about the sweet, sir?
– I’ll go without it. Just a glass of orange juice, and that’s all.
– Well… you asked me about strong drinks. What will you have, sir?
– Nothing whatever. It was a mere curiosity.

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