USSR Hoax. Книга англійською мовою

USSR Hoax. Книга англійською мовою
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A piece of the Saturn V rocket that sent an Apollo mission to the moon is dredged from the Atlantic Ocean bearing odd Cyrillic markings. SID Director Peter Novak investigates and discovers a conspiracy involving his father back in 1966…
As the window of President Kennedy’s promise to reach the moon narrows, NASA’s new Saturn V rocket has a combustion instability issue that only the Soviet Union has the expertise to solve. To get Apollo off the ground and to the moon, America is forced to negotiate a backroom deal with her mortal enemy, agreeing to secretly hand over precious lunar core samples from two future moon landings in exchange for the fix.
After receiving a gag-order by his superiors about strange inscriptions he spotted on the Saturn V rocket parts, Gemini Astronaut Tom Novak is selected as the lead in pulling off this conspiracy, risking his career and reputation. Not trained in the world of international espionage, Tom must learn on the fly. But if successful, he will fulfill his dream of walking on the moon.
Why are the Soviets willing to help the United States win the space race? What has Tom not been told?
Go back in time and see how Gillebaard plays with history involving one of man’s greatest achievements.

Paul Gillebaard again puts his creative talents into creating a unique, fresh spin on the space race of the 60’s, including my Gemini mission, providing for an entertaining ride through history. It’s fun fiction, but inspired by some actual events. No doubt this book will help new generations to embrace the future through real world space exploration.

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