The Secret of Atlantis. Книга англійською

The Secret of Atlantis. Книга англійською
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In the seventh action adventure thriller from the bestselling Amazon author Rob Jones, everything changes for Joe Hawke and the ECHO team as they finally come face to face with their ultimate nemesis. Following from events of The Aztec Prophecy (Joe Hawke 6), and with explosive action and high-octane chases, Hawke and the team must navigate through treacherous waters to secure a stolen artefact that could lead them to the greatest archaeological treasure of them all — Atlantis. But as they race from their secret Caribbean island stronghold to start their quest they soon realize this is their toughest battle yet and must move faster than ever if they are to win. From the tunnels beneath Vienna to Munich’s Oktoberfest to the ancient mountains and canyons of Morocco, Hawke and his friends encounter both terrible enemies and old friends from their past as they fight harder than ever for the truth, but along the way they lose members of the team forever and Elsyium comes under savage attack from an unlikely traitor.

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