Телефонна розмова. Діалог на англійській мові

Телефонна розмова. Діалог на англійській мові
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Dialog 1

– Is Anna in?
– I’m not sure… Wait a minute. No she is out just now. Can you call again in twenty minutes?
– Yes sure, I will call later.

Dialog 2

– Can I speak to Stiv or Jane, please?
– They are not here. Can I give them a message?
– No, thank you. That’s ok. Is John there?
– He is at work.
– Could you please ask him to call Tom?
– Ok. I will give him the message.
– And, uh….is Mary there?
– She is at work, too. Can I give her a message?
– No, I will call her back later.

Dialog 3

– May I speak to George?
– I’m sorry. He isn’t here right now. May I give a message?
– Yes, could you ask him to call Max Seller?
– Ok. Does he have your phone number?
– I’m not sure. It’s 645-332
– Wait a minute. I want to wtire down your telephone number. Repeat please.
– It’s 645-332
– Ok. I’ll give him the message.
– Thank you. Good-bye!

Dialog 4

– Hello. Is this Kate Wilson?
– Hello. Yes. What can I do for you?
– May I speak to Tom Wilson, please? My name is Max Seller.
– Please hold on a moment…
– Hello, Mr Seller. Wilson here.
– Hello. How are you? Did you recognize me?
– I’m sorry… Oh Max I’m very glad to hear you. How are you?
– I am good. Look, I came back from my business trip and I would like to invite you to my party.
– Wow. Very interesting. But what’s the reason?
– I’ll tell you later. It will be surprise.
– Ok. So I’ll come.

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