Some interesting facts about Great Britain. Презентація англійською

Some interesting facts about Great Britain. Презентація англійською
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The UK does not celebrate one particular national holiday. The four nations were once separate. Only centuries of bloody struggles brought them together.
England began to exist as a unified entity since the 10th century. It has always been the most powerful of all the four and tried to take control over Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
Wales was united to England in 1536 and got its status of principality. Now the eldest son of the Monarch is given the title “Prince of Wales”.
In 1707 Scotland was forcefully joined the UK after a long struggle for its independence. The whole country became known as Great Britain.
As for Nothern Ireland, first the whole Ireland (or Ulster) was joined to Great Britain in 1801. But the union lasted for only 120 years and in 1922 southern part of Ireland separated and the independent Republic of Ireland (or Eire) was formed. Since then six northern Irish counties under the name of Nothern Ireland still remain the part of the UK. більше

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