Позакласний захід з англійської мови “Найрозумніший” (8 клас)

Позакласний захід з англійської мови “Найрозумніший” (8 клас)
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«The most intelligent»
Objectives: To control the rate of formation of speech, vocabulary and grammar skills, speaking and reading on topics «Ukraine», »Great Britain»; develop cognitive processes (attention, different types of memory, memory and perception, thinking, imagination) and special study skills (group work); bring up a sense of individual and collective responsibility for the common work.
Equipment: cards with words crossword.
Good day, children. We learned some topics about two countries: Ukraine
and Great Britain. That`s why I offer you an unusual competition. You have to divide into two teams and we shall start.
Let me introduce our jury.
All participants will get “11” as a present and the best participants of the winner team will get “12”. Let’s start our competition.

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