Internet презентація англійською мовою

Internet презентація англійською мовою
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Modern life is easy and fun. We have all the amenities. We do not need to go to the movies, because we have big TVs at home. The children have cell phones with large displays. Modern technology is useful and convenient. In my opinion, Internet is the most comfortable thing. Computers are also an important invention, but Internet is better than any other type of information. Originally, Internet was a military experiment in the USA of 60-s. But soon it became clear that everyone in the world can use it.

Everybody knows that the Internet is a global computer network, which embraces hundreds of millions of users all over the world. The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. It’s hard to imagine our lives without Internet nowadays. It has become an important part of every person’s life. It is clear that the accurate number of users can be counted fairly approximately, nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet today, because there are hundreds of millions of users and their number is growing.

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