Geography of United States of America. Презентація

Geography of United States of America. Презентація
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The USA is the 4th largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada and China). It is situated in central North America and stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. It borders on Canada in the north and Mexico in the south and has a sea-border with Russia. It also includes Alaska and Hawaii. The total area of the country is 9,4 million square kilometres. The enormous size of the country influences the diversity of landscape, climate and even people.

The USA is a federal republic, a union of 50 states. The capital of the country Washington is situated in a special federal area called the District of Columbia.

The population of the country is about 260 million people. They are the people of all races and nationalities, either descendants of immigrants or immigrants who have come to America from all the countries of the world in search of independence and self-realization. It’s impossible to generalize about the weather, the landscape and the way of living because the nation occupies nearly half of a continent, which is divided into 4 time zones and has almost every type of climate. If you look at the map of the USA you’ll see snow-topped mountains and flat prairies, fertile valleys and deserts, the areas of tropical heat and arctic cold.

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