Family relationships презентація англійською мовою

Family relationships презентація англійською мовою
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The family is very important as a unit in our society. Nothing else but family can be an emotionalcenter of people’s life, can be a transmitter of culture and raising children. Every mother feels greataffection for her children and tries to bring them up in a proper way. Understanding between themembers of the family and consideration for others are very important in family relationship.Tenderness, warm-heartedness and respect must always be present in the family to make itfriendly. A lot of activities help members of the family to be on friendly terms: discussing all thefamily plans together, going on trips hikes together, visiting museums, theaters, exhibitions and exchanging opinions about them, sharing the same joys and sorrows. If you think of the others inthe family you show your love and attention in everyday life, you can hurt them if you are selfish, not sincere and rude. It is very important to visit relatives on holidays, on birthdays, onanniversaries and develop close relationship. We feel more affection for our relatives when we areparted from them. The proverb says, » /Absence makes the heart grow fonder». When the family isfriendly, everybody has the warmed feelings of returning home where dear relatives are waiting forthem.

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