Діалоги на англійській мові. Погода. Варіант 2

Діалоги на англійській мові. Погода. Варіант 2
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Dialog 4

– What’s the weather like now? You’ve been outside today.
– It’s abominable weather.
– What do you mean by “abominable weather”?
– Well, it’s drizzling and it’s foggy, cold and slippery.
– Oh, I would better stay at home.

Dialog 5

– What is the weather like today?
– It’s fine today. It’s sunny, but it is cold for April.
– What is the temperature?
– It’s about 2 degrees above zero.
– Yes, you are right. The weather is too cold for this part of the country.
– What color is the sky? Are there any clouds in it?
– The sky is blue. There are no clouds in the sky.

Dialog 6

– It’s cold and frosty today, isn’t it?
– Oh, yes. I am simply freezing. Especially when the wind is blowing. It must be coldest winter we have ever had.
– You say the coldest? And what’s the temperature today?
– It’s about 25 degrees below zero, as the weather forecast says.
– In winter the temperature here may be as low as 40 degrees below zero.
– 40 degrees of frost! Oh, you don’t say.

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